After divorce, our top priority is maintaining the best arrangement for you and your children that will continue to provide for and protect your children’s happiness and future. Securing the best child-support and custody arrangements can be a balancing act, and we collaborate with parents as well as experts to develop a plan that best serves you, your children, and your future as a family.


Changes in circumstances, such as a new job, the loss of a job, or one party’s desire to move to another city, state, or country, can warrant a modification of initial court orders if the arrangement is no longer compatible for you and your children. These are only a few examples of circumstances that may merit a modification, and each case will depend on the unique situation for that family. If your family’s child custody or support arrangements have become unworkable or discordant for your family, we can help you decide whether pursuing a change to those court orders is a good option for you.


Modification, like other issues in family law, may be achieved through mediation, arbitration, and collaborate law processes. This means you can reach a solution while avoiding the higher costs and stresses of court hearings and trials. However, sometimes the best avenue is a battle at the courthouse, and we are ready, willing, and able to aggressively fight on your behalf.


No matter what, we will work with you to reach a resolution and produce the best outcome for you while focusing on your children’s safety and welfare. Each family is unique, and we will tailor your legal process to suit your children in the most effective way possible so that a divorce or modification can be achieved with the least negative impact on the children.

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